About Rony

Rony Sarfatti has 20 years of operational experience in the field of water. He holds a Master of Engineering from the University of Nancy, France.

He has worked as a water engineer expert with some of the largest water companies, and also has experience with smaller technological companies and governmental organizations.

His positions in the water industry include: Director of a large waste water treatment plant for the French company Veolia Environnement ; Sales manager for the Israeli company IDE-Technologies, the world leader in water desalination ; Design manager for the young Israeli technological company Aqwise.

In governmental institutions, he has worked as a water expert for both the French and Israeli ministries of foreign affairs and as head of the operational waste water department for a large local urban council in France.


In addition to being a water consultant, Rony Sarfatti is also a lecturer, mainly in France and in Israel. His field of expertise is with Israeli water technologies and water management within Israel and the Middle-East.

He lectures to varied audiences: water professionals, schools, MBA students and the general public.

Rony’s internationally renowned highest technical expertise is in waste water treatment and water desalination.

In terms of geography, Rony’s lectures deal with Israeli water and includes relations between Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians.


Rony Sarfatti speaks five languages, three of them fluently.

conference Jerusalem April 2013

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